How it works

Video-sharing Platform Built and Loved by Australians

Upload and Share Your Videos the Easy Way

We build this platform for you to share your media about Australia, and to promote your brand (products & services) while growing your audience.

If you are a Youtuber, you can easily set up your channel here for the promotion of your brand. There is no need for a second upload, just an easy click-and-link job and thus you’ll have another channel to reach a greater audience.

Turn Viewers into Customers

With your membership, you can submit videos or audio and engage with your customers. We help Australian marketers create and manage videos, host webinars, generate leads, and measure video performance.

Creators Keep All the Money From Their Works

As a creator, when you sell your works (videos or audio) on this platform, you set your own price (or make it free to share) and keep 100% of the net profits you make. We don’t share a single cent of it. We only charge a monthly membership payment.

With a Membership to Love Australia

Australia is a lovely country to share. With Auprofile, video creators build branded, accessible, and engaging memberships that earn sustainable revenue.



Join Membership Here ($9.99/monthly)

Important Notes: To be eligible to sell your own works (videos or audio) on the platform, you need to have submitted at least 10 videos or audio on the platform and have accumulated 100 subscribers.  You will need to go through an application process where you will be upgraded to a Seller’s role. Your works for sale will appear on a shopping page that you can manage from your dashboard. You must ensure that you own the copyright of the materials for sale on this platform. Your net profit will be the amount less Paypal or Stripe Fees and government tax (GST).