Video Hosting for Your Brand


Thank you for hosting your videos with us.



Video Player – Services Ready-made for You

Customized Controls

Video SEO

No Coding Required

Setup Channels, Playlists and Series

Customer Support

Creator Tools

Frontend Video Uploads

Video Uploads and Editor from Dashboard

Self-served Video Ads

Password Protection

Media Limits

Video, Audio and Image Allowed

Maximum of up to 100 videos of up to 200 MB each

Social Media Integration

Marketing Automation

Account Limits of 200 GB Bandwidth

Service Term

One Year (only about $6/month)

Benefits of Hosting Your Video with Auprofile

Safe Storage with Secure Protection

Accessible Anytime Around the World

No Need to Carry USB or Other Storage Facilities While Traveling

Free from Additional Web-hosting Service

Ready to Use Marketing Service for Your Videos

You can choose to keep your videos private or make them public

Easier to Showcase Your Brand, Products and Services

You can sell your videos integrated with a paid membership

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