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The Tasmanian Buddhist spiritual group being accused of operating like a cult | 7.30

For decades, an eccentric spiritual group based in Hobart called Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism has enjoyed public support from Tasman...
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Is There A Place For God In Science? Brian Cox Responds | Q&A

Professor Brian Cox discusses the possibility of believing in God and science.
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An Aussie young man becomes a monk and no longer hugs his mum

He becomes a monk but is still on Facebook.
church hall
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Youth religion and spirituality in Australia

A short film featuring sociologist Dr Andrew Singleton (Deakin University, Australia). Andrew is the author of Religion, Culture and...
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The Secret of Dreaming: An Australian Aboriginal Myth of Creation

This is an Australian Aboriginal myth of creation adapted by Rowan Walking Wolf, and is part of research made for the University of G...
Aged Care
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Aged Care Quality Standards: spirituality is more than religion

Introducing spirituality in the Australian Aged Care Quality Standards, and the idea that spirituality is not confined to religion. &...
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Australia’s New Muslims I SBS The Feed

There is a lot of focus on the Muslim community in Australia of recent migrants and second-generation Australians. But there’s...
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Caring church or crazy cult? The extreme religion praying for power | 60 Minutes Australia

In regional Victoria, a relatively unknown Pentecostal church is trying to build power within the Liberal Party. The City Builders, a...